AmigoPOS can process credit card transactions through Datacap NETePay. NETePay setup is easy and a wide selection of compatible credit card terminals and magnetic card readers are available.

Datacap NETePay can be obtained from the merchant account provider or other vendor. NETePay and GIFTePay are also available directly from The merchant account provider will install and configure NETePay on the main pos station only. Other pos stations will send transactions to the main pos station for processing. A PDF file containing a list of certified payment processors is available at

Comptaible Payment Processors

Note that the payment processor must support the AdjustByRecord transaction type so that a tip can be added when necessary. Refer to the list below for processors that support AdjustByRecord as of this writing. If your processor is not on the list, contact your merchant account provider to verify that an approved processor is available for your merchant account. Note from the chart that payment processors for most host-based merchant accounts do not offer AdjustByRecord so the account must be of the Terminal type.  

Important: Note that in the chart above some host-based processors DO NOT support AdjustByRecord or VoidByRecord and their lightweight version of NETePay In-Store should not be used with AmigoPOS. The merchant account provider or payment processor should supply you with the full version of Datacap NETePay where the database is installed locally (terminal-based).

The following terminal-based processors are supported (note that most require a full installation of NETePay):

*If your business does not accept tips, any of the processors supported by NETePay are compatible, regardless of the AdjustByRecord transaction availability, since all transactions are captured immediately and adjustments are not necessary.


All credit card transactions are processed using the SALE/ADD TIP method, so that the transaction is captured and added to the current batch immediately, even if no tip is added. The Preauth/Capture transaction method is not available when using AmigoPOS with NETePay

When using SALE/ADD TIP Transactions, the sale is captured immediately after running the card, and adding a gratuity is optional. If a gratuity must be added, return to the order settlement screen and select the Credit Card payment type again. Touch the 'ADD TIP' button to add a gratuity to the sale. This transaction type is generally used in a retail environment or in restaurants where gratuities are not used (i.e. fast food).

If a mistake was made when adding the gratuity, add the tip again. The original tip amount is replaced by the new tip amount.